Will making a personal injury claim mean all my medical records are disclosed?

This is determined by the circumstances of the accident and injury sustained. Take a look at this cases below:

Medical Records may prove injury, its severity and at times prognosis

Proving that an accident caused or at least contributed to your injury may require the use of medical records by the solicitor. This is the expert medical evidence needed in medical negligence solicitors’ claims They are needed to increase the chances of successfully making an injury claim

Medical reports by medical experts or even your GP may be required to submit your medical records for reasons mentioned.

Medical records can be used in serious injury claims under personal injury cases.

You might wish to make a serious injury claim. This then prompts the solicitor to get medical records that they can use to assess your claim case. There are times when one is instructed to sign forms that authorise the solicitor to access their medical records. This happens when one has sustained a very serious injury from an accident. Your solicitor will access your GP records, hospital notes, x-rays and scan results dental and other records in relation to your injury. After reviewing the medical records, your solicitor will then instruct the independent medical expert to prepare a report.

Medical records are needed to show your health before and after the accident as well as the details of your injury, diagnosis, treatment as well as your response to the treatment. There are times when the degree of injury is very severe. At this point, it is important to disclose all medical records including your medical history before the injury.

Medical records can be used in the process of personal injury claim

For very serious or complex injury cases the defendant’s solicitor may request your medical records as the injured person. Your solicitor having obtained the medical records before will ask for your permission to disclose your medical records to the other side. This solicitor can ask for only the relevant medical records in some cases. Your solicitor will then give copies of medical records obtained with specific details. So not all medical records are disclosed to the defendant’s solicitor.

At times the solicitor of the defendant may request their medical expert to prepare a report from what they get from your solicitor. Should you refuse to provide medical records in medical negligence solicitors’ claims, the defendant legal representatives can make an application in court seeking a Court Order for the release of the Medical records.

Is it necessary to disclose all medical records in a personal injury claim?

Basically, there is no need to disclose all medical records as you make medical negligence solicitors’ claims. In a broader sense, the disclosure of medical records is determined by the nature of your injury and the circumstances of the claim case. For personal injury claims, be prepared to disclose some of the medical records as this plays a big role in helping you get a substantial recompense.