Advantages of No Win No Fee Claims

A no win, no fee claim also called a conditional fee agreement where the law firm that represents you in an injury or negligence claim, ensures that you get the best legal team to help in your compensation recovery but they do not take any fee or advance unless they win the case for you. It is exactly as what they say ” No win, no fee”

1) Stress-free:

Claiming compensation for a no win no fee medical negligence claim becomes stress-free. If you are claiming a personal injury or a medical negligence compensation, rather than go through the stress of winning or losing the case while paying legal fees, the no win, no fee arrangement works towards reducing stress You do not pay anything upfront to your lawyer unless and until he wins the case for you. A special insurance called After-the-event insurance is taken to safeguard the claimant and to ensure that all lawyer expenses are covered by the policy and the client does not pay anything.

2) Claiming compensation becomes easy:

Anything connected to courts and lawyers is always a complicated and tedious process. Just the very fact that they would become embroiled in a lengthy court battle, with court fees being due for every hearing, many people, even when in the right, decide to drop the matter. However, with the introduction of the no win, no fee in 1995, many people are now coming forward as they know they do not have to pay exorbitant lawyer fees and that payment if any, would be made subsequent to the winning judgement from the court.

3) Trust is established:

When the claimant realises that his lawyer is not out to make a fast buck, but putting his own money on the line to fight and win this case gives the claimant the feeling that the lawyer will do everything in his power to win the case, as his money is on the line here. The bottom line that the
no win no fee medical negligence claimant understands is that he does not have to pay anything unless and until the lawyer wins the case. In such cases, the lawyer normally tries to settle out of court to avoid costly legal fees.

4) The validity of a claim:

A claimant being a non-legal entity might not know or understand whether his claim is realistic and valid. The intricacies of understanding the legal implications of the claim can be explained to him by the lawyer. The validity of a claim will be explained by the lawyer prior to taking up the case. No lawyer will want to take up a claim that will not have any weight in court. It is after all his money and time that would be wasted if he did take on a baseless case.

5) Quick settlement:

In a court case where you are claiming for compensation for some act of negligence by the other party, and if they have deep pockets, they may assume that you do not have the wherewithal to go the distance with them in terms of financial ability to pay court fees and other legal charges. However, when they see that you have engaged a no win, no fee lawyer who is covered by insurance for all legal costs, saner minds will try to reach an out of court settlement.