Hugo Lloris sentenced for drink driving.

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has communicated his thoughts on the recent news and court verdict of Hugo Lloris’ drink driving problems. The current Spurs supervisor would not uncover exactly what penalties the club had set up for Lloris after he confessed at Westminster Magistrates court on Wednesday and was fined £50,000 and in addition prohibited from driving for 20 months.

Lloris is currently not fit and missed the visit of Liverpool to Wembley on Saturday, yet the French World Cup champion will continue the club captaincy when he returns. Represented by one of the UK’s leading drink driving lawyer services, Lloris knew there was no chance of avoiding serious penalty for his offence, a fact that his manager commented on in detail as he reflected on the event.

Pochettino said: “He already knew in the moment that it was a big mistake. Of course any woman, man, person can make a mistake. Of course, [it’s] lucky there was no consequence. That is important. And of course now it is a massive lesson for him, a life lesson. Because he is a clever man he can learn and now he is going to move on. He apologised to everyone. The staff, the club, the fans, us, and he said, ‘Any decision that you take gaffer or the club I think is fair’.”

“Of course we have a conversation and he explained what happened. But I don’t want to say more as I don’t want to say nothing more that will help no one. He plead guilty and that is it. Like a man you need to recognise your mistake and then look… the problem was that he was guilty and he made a mistake. Every club has the right to explain what they want. For us you didn’t know but all the things in the past four years that happened has been private and I think that we needed to deal with privately.”

Pochettino said that Lloris, 31, had communicated true remorse at his conviction for the offence on Aug 24 and will now have a period on the sidelines with what the club say is thigh damage maintained in the contest with Manchester United three days after the driving offence happened. Pochettino said he was very happy that nobody was harmed by Lloris, who was halted at 2am on the Friday morning driving his Porsche Panamera in a strange manner as he approached a line of static cars having run a red light just previously.

Thinking about the points of interest uncovered in court by both the prosecution and his drink driving lawyer around Lloris, including the degree of his drinking and that he had been sick in his automobile, Pochettino said that the player had been open about his conduct on the night being referred to, and had acknowledged how disappointed he was in his actions and lack of control.

“You learn that today football is not only what happens on the pitch, it’s many things that happen around,” he said. “We need to be ready to deal with all these situations that in the end affect the result on the pitch. And of course it’s more complicated today to be a manager than 20 or 30 years ago.”